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Evolution - Jellyfish Series Summary

Jellyfish Series - Specimen 15

Medusa microumbella

Jellyfish Series - Specimen 14

Medusa segmentum

Jellyfish Series - Specimen 13

Medusa rotundus

Jellyfish Series - Specimens 10 - 12

Umbella dorsaconus
Umbella ventraconus
Umbella pampinus

Jellyfish Series - Specimens 5 - 9

Tintabula corona
Tintabula pampinus
Tintabula nebula
Tintabula tumulus
Tintabula fungi

Jellyfish Series - Specimens 1 - 4

Globulus vacuus
Globulus pupu
Globulus ova
Globulus ventilus

Evolution - Jellyfish Series

This Series illustrates the development from a simple ovoid shapes into a more complex forms. The specimens evolve into forms resembling an anemone, jellyfish and then a starfish.